Ghana is among many countries on the west coast of Africa.It is a great country to visit because of its astonishing green landscapes,  friendly and easy-going people with beautiful beaches. Apart from the beautiful part of Ghana, If you are not wary and cautious, you can find yourself squandering most of your travel funds before you even realise it.

Our goal here is to make things a bit easier and hassle free for you in Ghana,  so don’t stop reading. We will give you some few tips and tricks on how to save and make your money last when travelling to Ghana.

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Do your homework and travel during off season

When you have decided to visit Ghana, book your ticket as early as possible. This is the most critical tip of all. The earlier you buy your flight ticket, the better chance you will find a cheaper ticket. A last minute booking to Ghana can be more expensive.

The question is when is the best time to travel to Ghana? Because the sun shines always throughout  months of the year you can always visit Ghana. Ghanaian festivals are a colourful and vibrant part of the culture. Each year festivals and durbars are held in various parts of the country to celebrate the heritage of the people. Do you want to celebrate Ghanaian culture and witness some great festivals, then you should consider to visit Ghana in August/September. The Ga people from the capital city Accra are celebrating their annual Homowo festival. The April easter festival in the Kwahu mountains are also popular in Ghana.  Try to avoid peak season and simply take any of the months outside of summer and you are good to go! One more tip from, you will probably get cheaper fares throughout the spring and fall seasons.

Book, choose and stay in good hostels

Another way to cut some costs when travelling to Ghana, try to stay in some local hostels/ hotels, and working with Contingent staffing agencies in Accra especially if you want to save hundreds of dollars. There are lots of good local hotels/hostels available in  Accra and the rest of Ghana. They offer great facilities and excellent services for all tastes. And of course, exchanging homes is getting quite popular in Ghana too. We all the big players in that sector. This is another perfect and a wonderful way to blend with the local Ghanaian culture and win new friends.

Buddy up on car rental

It might be that you are one of the few who are staying at the hotel. You will always meet new people on your holiday trip. What if you realise you hit it off with some new tourist friends in Ghana, why not buddy up on renting a car in order for you to save more money, and tour around Ghana.

Find, compare and book a car rent on time 

Fact is exploring Ghana won’t be complete without seeing all the big attractions Ghana has to offer – from the beautiful beaches in Accra, and the rich culture of the people in Accra, the historical castles and slave fords in Cape Coast in Elmina, the green and beautiful kakum national park, where you can walk on top of the trees, seeing great waterfalls and monkeys in the volta region and of course Mole national park where you can see elephants, antelopes and many more animals. There are so many wonderful things to do and sights to see here hence, a car hire in Ghana is highly-recommended.

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